General Hospital

Shams Medical Group specialty and subspecialty hospital is one of the biggest and most equipped hospitals of the country and one of the most active hospitals in North and Northwest of country and among the 10 superior hospitals of Ministry of Health that is active in the field of tourism and tourism and medical tourism.


Outstanding medical staff

The hospital was developed very fast and established subspecialty wards such as, cardiac surgery, angiography, cardiology, and medical imaging and in the near future IVF and Dialyze wards will start to work.


Modern and Advanced imaging center

Imaging center includes MRI, CT scan, sonography, DDR digital radiology, digital mammography, panorex, digital cephalometry, bone density measurement.


24-Hour Emergency Department

In this unit, specialist and general practitioners meet the needs of citizens at all hours of the day and night and on holidays. The hospital emergency room is equipped with an outpatient operating room and wards for men and women.


12 Advanced operating rooms

The hospital has 12 advanced and equipped operating rooms, renowned doctors and experienced and efficient nursing staff, laparoscopic, arthroscopic and cystoscopic devices covering various surgeries.


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