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Hospital Activities and Services

Obstetrics and
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Plastic Surgery
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the part Obstetrics and
The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, with 25 active doctors, is the largest specialized hospital group. The group, with the help of world-class science and technology such as laparoscopy, IVF, and IUI, have been able to lead the hospital's acceptance rate.
Maternity rooms have undergone major reconstruction during the last few months, and the most modern maternity beds, painless delivery, photometric monitoring of the baby's heart in the central and central areas, plus the use of modern parts of the baby and Nicu, the full cycle is an ideal birthday for the baby. All of them are available to the clients.
Surgery for obstetrics and gynecology
Surgery of the womb
Restoration surgery
Practicals of Laparoscopic Surgery

Useful Information

Useful Information

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